THIS SIDE UP is a wooden made furniture set that can be used at 2 opposite positions given the idea of different furnishings depending on the side it is placed. It is composed by two items (a coffee table and a side table / bench “tablench”) that can be disposed separately or as a group of pieces set in the same area. The simple aesthetics of each piece along with the variety of the wood-finish possibilities increases the flexibility of use of the furnishing so as to decorate the living of a luxury village, as a part of an outdoor furniture, in a poolside deck, as a bedside table, and many more.


In both objects, the main idea is to build the structure of the furniture using composite wood (MDF, plywood, etc), and to give  the final cover with different types of veneer (in the case of MDF structure). The structure should be constructed by gluing layered slats of woods,  previously trimmed by an electronic router.

Tiff Awards - Designboom Competition